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"Kapono Beamer: Great Grandmother, Great Grandson"

"For Sweetheart Grandma"

Kapono Beamer Plays the Music of Helen Desha Beamer

Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

Kapono Beamer: Acoustic Guitars & Hawaiian Nose Flutes
John Kolivas: Upright & Fretless Bass

Recorded and Mixed at Pueo Sound by Kapono Beamer

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood California by Chris Bellman

Art Direction and Graphics Design by Jon DeMello

Mahalo to Keith Luke of K2L2 Synthe-Sonix, Inc. for use of his extensive arsenal of audio processing equipment

Mahalo to Recording Engineers Jim Linkner and Gaylord Holomalia for technical consultations

Mahalo to Jon DeMello for his artistic graphical creations

Mahalo to Mahi Beamer  for his insight, artistry and love

Mahalo to Marmionett Magoon Ka'aihue for her loving support and encouragement

Me Ke Aloha to all the Beamer Ohana for sharing the legacy of our  "Sweetheart Grandma"

Kapono's Thoughts:
"I never got to meet my Great  Grandmother, Helen Desha Beamer.  She passed away the year I was born.  When my Mother and Aunts and Uncles spoke of 'Sweetheart Grandma',  they would always  smile,  and express deep affection, love and respect.  I grew up listening to my Grandfather  play and sing her songs.  I watched my Grandmother, Mother, and Aunts dance graceful hula to the rhythm of her music and lyrics.  I listened to recordings of her songs performed by my Uncle Mahi Beamer and marveled at the elegance of her melodies and the innovative yet  gentle motion of her harmonies.  I have recorded some of her music on past productions and sang and played her songs with pride and respect.  But it wasn't until I started learning more of her compositions from the beautiful book my Aunt Marmionett Magoon Ka'aihue compiled called, "Songs of Helen Desha Beamer", that I decided to do a project exclusively featuring her music.  This is but one interpretation arranged  and performed for acoustic guitar...  Another approach could be for the symphony orchestra, such is the richness and depth of her musical legacy.  I found her melodies to be timeless and at once embraceable and memorable.  Something in her  melodies struck a resonant chord deep inside my heart.  Something in her music spoke to me of humility and respect, of generosity and compassion, of strength and  kindness, and above all love...  The epitome of the 'Aloha Spirit' itself..."

About Helen Desha Beamer:
 "Helen Kapuailohia Desha Beamer was born in Honolulu, Hawaii September 8, 1882, the eldest daughter of Isabella Hale'ala and George Langhern Desha.  She was in the third graduating high school class of the Kamehameha School for Girls.  Her interest in music started at a very young age and she became an accomplished musician, singer and composer.  Helen had a most beautiful voice, being gifted with a high, clear soprano of a coloratura range.  She made several recordings for Columbia Records which included the first commercial recording of "Ke Kali Nei Au" (The Hawaiian Wedding Song) with Sam Kapu.  While visiting Halehuki, Helen's contemporary - the famed composer Charles E. King, was playing his new song. "Beautiful Kahana".  He had written a violin obligato in the accompaniment and Helen said "that is so beautiful, it should be sung."  She sang the obligato to his baritone melody and so it is sung today.

She taught herself music notation by copying reams of piano and vocal music.  Because of her fluency in the Hawaiian language, her lyrics create such vivid pictures of the places and people in her songs, it is as though you are there in that time.  She taught the hula and shared her knowledge of things Hawaiian with family and friends.  Most of all she shared her music and her love.

She was married to Peter Carl Beamer in Hilo, where they raised five children: Milton Ho'olulu, Francis Keali'inohopono, Harriett Kekahiliokalani Leilehua, Peter Carl Kaleika'apunihonua, Helen Elizabeth Kawohikukapulani "Baby" - all of whom became talented musicians, singers, composers and dancers.

She was a Past Worth Matron of Hawai'i Chapter No. 1, Order of the Eastern Star, and a member of the Daughters of the Nile, both fraternal organizations.  She was a charter member of the Ka'ahumanu Society chapter in Hilo and served as its first secretary.  Helen belonged to various civic and community groups and was an organist at Haile Church in Hilo."   (1)
 (1) ...from the book "Songs of Helen Desha Beamer" Copyright 1991 Marmionett M. Ka'aihue

All Songs Composed by Helen Desha Beamer

1.   "Kimo Hula"  3:50
© Harriett Beamer Magoon 1953
"'Kimo o ka 'iu'iu... James of the highlands' is Helen's poetic reference to the highlands of Scotland, birthplace of her dear friend, James Kimo Henderson. "   (1)

2.   "Kawohikukapulani" 4:03
© Harriett Beamer Magoon 1953
"Only a mother's love could have fashioned the delicate beauty of 'Kawohikukapulani', perhaps the most well-known of all Helen Desha Beamer's compositions.  At the time, 'Baby' Beamer, Helen and Pete's youngest daughter, the bride to be, caught up in a whirlwind of engagement parties and bridal showers, was unaware that her mother was lovingly composing the lilting melody and lyrics of this expression of deep affection"   (1)

3.   "Keawaiki"  4:04
©  1942 by Charles E. King
"Helen composed 'Keawaiki' for Francis 'I'i Brown while visiting at Kalahuipua'a, his historic fish ponds in Kona, Hawai'i.  It was an expression of love and admiration for this favorite son of Hawai'i.   (1)

4.  "Na Kuahiwi 'Elima" 4:14
© Harriett Beamer Magoon 1953
"...'Helen was in my station wagon when she wrote...  'Na Kuahiwi 'Elima.'  We were on our way to Paniau and...  had left Hilo very early in the morning to be at Kawaihae between 6:30 & 7:00...  We got out to Ahualoa and along the plains...  about day break and it was so clear and beautiful-Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa-we could look into a part of Waipio and Waimanu with the waterfalls so clear-then Hualalai...  Helen picked up her ukulele and was strumming...  (and singing)...  words and music together, each mountain as it came to her, and the valleys, and then when we got into Waimea-the Kohala Mountains...  On the way to Kawaihae-Haleakala.  Before we reached Kawaihae she had it completed-melody and words.'  (From a letter written by Annabelle Ruddle)"   (1)

5.   "Ke Ali'i Hulu Mamo" 4:11
© Harriett Beamer Magoon 1953
"...'Ke Ali'i Hulu Mamo' was a song for Princess Kahanu, wife of Prince Kuhio Kalaniana'ole.  The brilliant yellow feathers of the mamo  and the 'o'o, refer poetically to their very high rank."   (1)

6.   "Mahai'ula"  3:40
© P.C. Beamer Jr. 1990
"...  'Mahai'ula  was written after Helen and Pete's enjoyable stay at Alfred Kapala (A.K.) and Ruth Puanani Magoon's secluded coastal home in North Kona, Hawai'i."   (1)

7.   "To You"   3:51
© 1952 by Helen Desha Beamer
"Helen's music complimented the beautiful poetry of Mary Dillingham Frear and was dedicated to her brother, Major George Langhern Desha, who served in World War 1."   (1)

8.   "Paniau"   3:19
© P.C. Beamer Jr. 1987
"One weekend...  Helen and Pete went to Paniau with us...  after lunch all had gone to afternoon hiamoe  (sleep) except me.  I passed the cottage where Helen and Pete were and saw Helen lying on her opu  (stomach) on the bed looking out to sea and writing on a pad.  'Helen what are you doing?' I asked.  She smiled back and said, 'I'm almost finished...'   and I walked on.  Later on, when she had had her auau  (bath) and [was] ready to have early dinner, she came walking over toward the main house with her ukulele...  When we came into view she started singing 'Paniau.'  and when she finished she came over and kissed me and said, 'This song is for you'. (From a letter written by Annabelle Ruddle)"   (1)

9.   "Moani Ke 'Ala"  4:28
© Harriett Beamer Magoon 1959
"...'Moani Ke 'Ala'  was written for Lei Henderson and her charming home at Pi'ihonua, Hilo, Hawai'i.  Moanike'ala derives its' name from the fragrance of flowers that bloom in her lovely gardens."   (1)

10. "Easter Star Prayer" 4:16
© 1952 Hawaii Chapter No. 1 O.E.S.
"The Order of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.) is a fraternal organization whose membership consists of Master Masons, their wives, widows, mothers, daughters, and sisters.  The Order works to promote charitable projects and goodwill as well as fellowship and social enjoyment.  Helen, a past worthy matron of Hawaii Chapter No. 1 O.E.S., located in Hilo, Hawai'i  dedicated 'Eastern Star Prayer' to her chapter..."   (1)

11. "Pua Malihini"  4:31
© P.C. Beamer Jr. 1990
"...At the time of  the wedding of Helen Elizabeth Kawohikukapulani Beamer,  'Pua Malihini' was written for the groom, Lieutenant Charles William Dahlberg, an Army Air Corps pilot.  Bill, a native Texan, first met 'Baby' Beamer at her father's hardware store on Kamehemeha Avenue in Hilo, Hawai'i.  It was love at first sight for both of them.  From the moment he asked her to be his wife, she called him 'My Darling'.  These two words of affection so touched Helen that she incorporated them in this, her dedication to 'Pua Malihini'.  'Pua Malihini'  was composed two days prior to 'Kawohikukapulani'.'"    (1)

12. "Lei O Ha'ena"  3:59
© P.C. Beamer Jr. 1987
"Ha'ena, the birthplace of Herbert Shipman, is situated at Keaau, where the hala groves dance in the wind, and where abide the two dancing women, Haena and Hopoe.  There also, is Kanikaa, the wave, (so the old Hawaiians say) on which Princess Laiekawai surfs.  The song tells of the beautiful orchids which seem like companions to Herbert.  The orchids are dampened and kept fresh by the waters of Waikoolihilihi. As the lei is worn on the neck or the breast, the Hawaiian compares it to the encircling arms of a child-thus, 'Ka Lei o Haena' beloved child of Haena...' (From the notes of Helen Desha Beamer)"   (1)

13. "Pihanakalani"  4:20
© P.C. Beamer Jr. 1987
"While we were at Keawaiki we were invited to Puuwaawaa to a birthday dinner for Aunt Hannah (Hind).  Helen and I sat in the back seat...  As we were riding...  she picked up her ukulele and started putting words and melody together and by the time we got to Puuwaawaa-even before- at Puuanahulu, she had the song done'.  (From a letter written by Annabelle Ruddle)"   (1)

14. "Kimo Hula"  3:28
(See #1...  " Just a slightly different arrangement.... " Kapono)

 (1) ...from the book "Songs of Helen Desha Beamer" Copyright 1991 Marmionett M. Ka'aihue

Total Program Material    56:43

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